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Creating Unique Selling Proposition:

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Above lines don’t need any introduction, which business they talk about. It’s there unique selling proposition. While concept behind every online shopping website is to sell through internet and almost every website sell similar products, still there’s a lot difference among them, which makes them stand apart from the other websites in the same domain.

You get the idea, creating a unique selling proposition is important & it helps you differentiate from your competition. Your USP should offer a strong reason to encourage a user to buy from your online shopping store.

Customer will love you because of your unique selling propositions & it increases loyalty. It will be much easier for you to cater your audience & spread the word about your online shopping website. If you don’t create an effective unique selling proposition for your online shopping store you will constantly jiggle in attracting your audience and the reason is your audience won’t able to find any reason to buy from your online shopping website.

Before we get into how, why & what let’s have a look at below online shopping websites:

Happily Unmaried

Happily Unmarried Unique selling proposition
Happily Unmarried Unique selling proposition


USP: They merchandise quirky products for Indian Youths.

Target Audience: Youth


Chumbak Unique selling proposition
Chumbak Unique selling proposition

USP: A touch of innovation in everything they want to sell is the main USP of Chumbak.

Target Audience: Youth 

Bewkoof Unique selling proposition

USP: They sell wacky Tshirts.

Target Audience: Youth

There are lot more online shopping websites those who are selling same innovative stuff, but when you visit there site & review there catalog you will identify how different they are from the others. How well they have diversified them self from the league. Youth is there target audience & they have all the elements to entertain them again and again.

Creating unique selling proposition is as important as other tasks like finalizing budgets, picking products & identifying technology. As it’s an integrated part of your business you need to be sceptical, while finalizing your USP’s. They should be really designed for customers & not for your business. They should add value to your store & you need to stand by the words you commit. If you are putting USP’s for the sake of as all others have, it will going to damage your brand, as customers will not get the value they are assured or they perceived after visiting your online shopping stores.

Let’s first understand why it’s important to create Unique selling proposition.

Branding: Branding is much more than a recognizable Logo and a memorable tagline, it’s a perception people carries about your services & product. With the help of unique selling propositions you can build your brand. It helps you stand out in the crowed and helps you connect with your audience.

Competition: There is no place in word, where business happens without competition. It was there & will going to stay. Its upto you, how you tackle it. In idle case you can kill competition by offering everything better than your competition, but it’s not possible every time. You can’t be Jack of all Trades. You can identify what your audience like’s in your product & start developing on it. It will set you apart from your competition.

Loyalty: If you can offer what you commit again and again & better than last time, your audience will going to love you more. They will stay with you by any means. This is what Unique Proposition can do for building loyalty among your audience.

Now let’s cover how you can create unique selling proposition for your Online Shopping Website, if you don’t have any.

Understand your audience: The First thing you need to ask yourself is “who going to buy your product” or rephrase it “whom I am going to sell.” You need to understand that you can’t sell to everyone, you must be having an audience in mind before designing a product. Narrow down and go more specific with your audience. Learn there likes & dislikes, research their interest, investigate what they are missing and understand there buying behaviour.  Once you have your target audience in mind, you can redesign your product according to the demand.

When Flipkart launched back in 2007, ecommerce is new & hardly had any audience. Flipkart started by selling Books keeping in mind Young Professionals who can pay online. They targeted there audience well and listed products which their target audience would be looking for.

Understand your competition: You can’t deny the fact, that theres no industry & business exist which don’t face competition. You need to understand your competition and competitors. You need to evaluate what makes your competitors successful, what makes them leader in industry, why audience love them, what’s their selling point & how you can deliver all the above to the target audience.

When Flipkart started selling books online, there was hardly any online store in India selling books online. They didn’t had any competition in there industry but there are many offline retails with whom Flipkart has to compete in all aspects. Flipkart quickly identified the strengths of their competitors & what Flipkart can offer to their end users.   


Understand your uniqueness: You need to identify the features missing in product available in market or what you have in your product which differentiate your products from your competitor’s products. It’s not easy to create a product which comes with lot of uniqueness. You can beat competition with a common product too, by offering something unique to your audience.

Let me explain this with the example of two leading brands in Fast Food Industry, Dominos & Piza hut. Piza Hut use to dominate the Indian Pizza Market and Dominos was finding tuff to succeed. Dominos came with a unique concept, 30 minutes delivery guarantee, if pizza comes later you will get it free. They never said they make better Pizza’s then Piza Hut, what they said has differentiated them from their competitor and rest is history.  

So it’s not always product which carries USP, it can be associated offerings, which can make big difference.

Market your USP: Once you identified you USP’s, you need to plan your marketing around it. If it’s a unique product, then talk about your product, if it’s unique service, then talk about that. You need to be proactive in telling people what you have to offer them, which they can’t get anywhere else. If you are confident about your USP’s, there’s nothing wrong in getting in direct war/lock horn with your competitors.

Back in 2010, when online shopping was not the main stream and audience is reluctant to pay online, Flipkart has offered Cash on Delivery services, it has given them unique advantage over offline retail & helped them develop trust within their audience. Flipkart has left no stone unturned to market their uniqueness & their market share surged to new heights.

Refine your USP: With the time you need to improve or offer more, as customer will not going to settle for that & competition will soon gear up with your USP’s. You need to keep on refining your USP’s to stay fresh & unique. It also creates trust and loyalty.

Soon competitor’s also started offering COD service, it wasn’t Flipkart’s USP anymore, as user can buy products on COD from any other ecommerce store too. Flipkart redefined their USP again by offering Same Day & Next Day delivery, they again beat competition by big margins.

You need to keep refining your USP time to time, it will keep you connected with your audience & ahead with your competition.

Define your unique selling proposition and differentiate yourself from other online shopping websites catering same audience. Your audience will love you if you show them how unique you are and what you have to offer to your audience. As said earlier, don’t claim things which you can’t deliver, it’s always better to surprise your audience with what you haven’t claimed rather than failing what you have claimed.

Do leave your feedback and suggestions if I have missed out any important point which need to be considered while preparing your launching pad.

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